Why Online Hosting is So Important to your Success

Your hosting company is like the foundation of your house. If you don’t have a strong foundation, it won’t matter how good your house is. When someone finds you in the search results or anywhere else and tries to go to your website, they shouldn’t have any issue doing so. However, with some web hosting reseller hosting companies, they won’t get much more than a 404-error page because the servers are down, again.

Your hosting company needs to provide you with reliable hosting that you can trust. If the downtime is more than once in a blue moon, there is a problem. The technology out there allows hosting companies to use backup servers in the event that something goes wrong and they are able to keep your website up at least 99.99% of the time.


FatCow is one of the most reliable hosting companies out there and they use Linux servers, which are known for reliability. Not that Windows servers are not reliable, but Linux seem to be a bit better. They don’t get hacked into as often and they don’t seem to have the same issues. Many of the best hosting companies, like FatCow hosting, use Linux servers.

So, back to the original question, what does online web hosting really provide for you and your website? Well, web hosting gives you a foundation for your business and gives the world the opportunity to access your website. Without hosting, you cannot put up a website or blog and you won’t be able to reach the billions of people on the internet every single day.


Even if you are a small local business, a website and blog can be a great tool to keep clients updated, find new local clients and increase the bottom line of your business. There are many things you can do online with your website, but it all starts with online web hosting from a cheap web hosting provider, like FatCow hosting.

There are many beginners in the internet marketing field, affiliate marketing field or those that just want to start their own website, that need hosting. If any of these describe you and you know that money is tight, then this post is for you. I am about to introduce you to the cheapest web hosting, which you can use for websites, blogs, forums or any other online entity you choose.

It’s no secret that internet and affiliate marketers will build more than just one website / blog before they are done. If you want to achieve success online and you want to make money, you should concentrate on one project at a time. However, if you stick with it for over 6 months, you will own more than one domain name and you will probably have a handful of sites and blogs that you run.


This means you need hosting that is not only cheap, but also flexibly. You need unlimited options like domain hosting, bandwidth and disk space. Sure, you will read that if you really want to become a success you need VPS or dedicated hosting, but this is simply not true. It’s an old school way of thinking and it used to be true. However, cheap web hosting providers have made incredible advancements and you can now use a shared hosting account for everything.

The down and dirty truth is that if you don’t expect to see at least 300 visitors every hour or at least 6,000 visitors a day, you don’t need more than shared hosting. Most internet and affiliate marketers don’t even see half that much traffic with all of their websites combined. Unless you have thousands of dollars to invest, you don’t need more than shared hosting.

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